Frequently Asked Questions

What is your base price for pipe and drape?

Our prices are $12 per foot with a $500 minimum price.

What does starting price include?

Starting price includes clean up, setup, string, and uplighting.

What is the price of your most popular wedding lighting package?


Can you provide ceiling treatments?

Yes we do ceiling treatments based on the ceiling type. They start at $800 for a basic ceiling star.

Is anything mounted to the venue structures that might cause damage?

No, our setups are completely self mounted on our own hardware. No damage will happen to the venue from A Touch of Drapery services.

What lighting services do you provide?

String and uplighting.

What décor services do you provide?

Clean up, setup, and drapery.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured.

What décor items are available?

Backdrops, wedding arches, chuppah, and more. See a list of all décor event rental options here.