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Founded in September 2012 A Touch of Drapery was created to cater to the unique and diverse needs of Wedding and Event planners, Designers, Photographers, and the “Do It Yourself” Brides to be.

A Touch of Drapery strives to provide a unique and customized experience for every occasion that is sure to fit any sized budget. We offer a diverse array of drapes in different sizes, colors, fabrics, and patterns that are sure to add all the special touches you need for your special occasion. Transforming large banquet rooms into intimate and inviting spaces and giving outdoor events a mystical and enchanting ambiance, A Touch of Drapery is here to make your vision a reality. 


  • Outdoor Spaces

  • Weddings

  • Fundraisers, Banquets and Dinners

  • Proms and Social Events 

  • Fashion Shows

  • Bridal and Baby Showers 

  • Day Parties